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Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning
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Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

P.A.C.S. provides Commerical-Industrial HVAC for the entire Bay Area

P.A.C.S. offers a wide variety of commercial services including:

  • Planned Maintenance
  • New Equipment Installs
  • Equipment Repairs
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Duct Work and Indoor Air Quality Assessments

We offer extremely competitive rates, and present you with as many available options for the particular situation as possible. We provide a name you can trust and service you can count on. To schedule maintenance, or if you need immediate service, give us a call, our technicians are standing by.

Commercial air conditioning systems are essential components of business productivity and comfort; when they malfunction it can be an enormous source of disruption and delay. Here are some steps you can take to have it repaired:

Establish the Issue:

As the first step to AC repair, the initial step should be identifying your system's issue. Is it not cooling as expected, emitting strange sounds or simply not turning on? Knowing what exactly the issue is will allow you to communicate it to a technician more effectively.

Locate a Qualified Air Conditioning Repair Technician:

In search of an air conditioning repair technician with experience servicing commercial systems. Get referrals from businesses nearby or search the web for companies offering commercial air conditioning repair services.

Once you've located a qualified technician, schedule an appointment. Give as much detail about your problem as possible so they come prepared with all of the tools and parts they'll need for repairs.

Prepare for your appointment:

In advance of a technician arriving, be sure that the area around the air conditioning unit is clear and accessible so they can quickly work on it and diagnose its problem.

Once a technician has identified the problem with your air conditioning system, they will discuss repair options with you.

These may involve replacing parts or even the entire system depending on its extent of damage.

Before initiating any repairs, always get a written estimate from your technician. This will outline all costs associated with the repair so you can make an informed decision as to whether to pursue or forgoing it.

Follow Up:

Once the repair work has been completed, be sure to get in touch with the technician again as soon as possible and ensure everything is functioning as intended and you are completely satisfied with their services. If there are any concerns or issues, ensure they are addressed immediately with him/her.

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