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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Duct Work

With all the air that rushes through your home's air ducts, the fact that they get pretty dirty should not come as a surprise. That's why it's important to have your ducts professionally cleaned periodically. A duct cleaning can improve the quality of the air in your home tremendously, and if you have people in your home with allergies or asthma you can most likely expect to see a decrease in their breathing problems.

On average, a professional air duct cleaning is recommended every 5 to 7 years. This can vary depending on several factors including the number of persons in the home, pets, type of filters being used in the heating/cooling system, whether you have carpeting and more.

Cleaning the ducts

Our technicians use a HEPA VAC machine designed specifically for duct cleaning. Additionally, the blower assembly is pulled and cleaned and the evaporator coil is also cleaned. Use of an anti-microbial fog treatment afterward will sanitize germs, bacteria and fungus. This treatment lasts for about 6 months before it should be repeated.

It may surprise you to learn that the air inside most homes is more polluted than outdoor air. Keeping your ducts clean can go a long way to making your home's air cleaner and healthier.

You may want to consider installing a whole house air cleaner to help address allergy or breathing problems and minimize dust or allergens.

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